Why Website Maintenance is your best course of action

by alariedesign

There was a period of time where sites required little to no maintenance, but due to the ever-increasing security issues, we made the choice to offer CMS and plugin updates, backups, and more as part of our regular services.  We have seen sites go down due to plugin issues and outdated web languages. Looking back, these types of issues could have been prevented with regularly scheduled maintenance. Plus, the cost to fix a site and restore it back to a healthy condition can cost far more than the cost of regular maintenance. We want to keep our client’s sites healthy so they can be happy and enjoy peace of mind. 

Constantly Evolving Web Tools

Staying on top of web maintenance is key to ensuring compatibility with the latest version of any tool used on a website. PHP, for example, is a coding language that powers over 79% of websites and it’s receiving regular updates. With PHP 7.3 slowly becoming a staple on web servers, it’s important to stay up to date with this and other web tools. You can read more about this in our PHP 7.2 blog post. Without regular maintenance, updates to PHP, CMS, and other web tools may cause incompatibility issues which can cause downtime for your website. 


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