Preventative Website Maintenance

We’ve earned our PHD in PHP.

CMS Platforms, the coding language they are programmed with, and the specific plugins that are used on your website are constantly evolving. Going too long without performing an update to any of these areas can result in a total website crash, vulnerabilities, and the loss of valuable information or assets. The cost of getting a site back up and running can also come with a much greater cost. To ensure your website is always working properly requires regular updates and ongoing maintenance.

Our team will happily manage your website so you can enjoy peace of mind knowing it will be taken care of no matter what updates come in the future. Updates come with security fixes and improvements and sometimes includes functionality enhancements and bug fixes. 

Secure peace of mind with maintenance services

  • Monthly updates to core CMS version 
  • Monthly updates to installed plugins
  • Compatibility checks for your CMS, its plugins, and PHP version
  • Troubleshooting and fixes for major plugin updates
  • Monthly backups of site and database
  • Web diagnostics with analytic reporting
  • Annual SSL installation

You’re one click away from website protection.

Fill out the form below and check select the services you’re interested in getting set up on your site to receive a quote. And have peace of mind knowing that your site will be supported.