Website Maintenance Services

by alariedesign

With vulnerabilities occurring every day and web tools often updating, keeping up with ongoing maintenance is key to keep a website running smoothly after launch. Preventative web services are a cost-effective way to keep a site protected from lurking threats. These range from regular updates to monthly backups and more.

Staying on Top of Updates

If you own a WordPress website, you’ve almost definitely seen the updates page fill up with plugin and core CMS updates. Some of these are minor bug fixes or improvements, but in some cases, they may be vulnerability fixes. Content Management Systems and plugins can often be the target of malicious attacks so updating to the latest version is vital to keeping a site safe for its owners and users.

Always have a Backup Plan

Sticking to updates is extremely important, but there is always a possibility that a breach may be detected after it’s too late. Loss of data can occur if a plan is not proactively put in place ahead of time. This is why monthly backups can mean the difference between a quick fix and site downtime.


Being aware of issues currently occurring on a website is important to better understand its health. Reporting brings light to issues with speed, hack attempts, some functionality issues, and more providing the perfect opportunity to plan the next course of action.


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