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Web Developer


Alarie Design is seeking a full-time web developer who collaborates closely with a team to create websites for both desktop and mobile application, to be designed in-house. This includes but is not limited to: front-end development, creation of templates and themes, server setup and CMS installation, full site build and monitoring Analytics and utilizing AdWords while in production. Current web standards, SEO Best practices, and responsive web will be used at all steps of the process.


•  3-5 years of professional experience
•  Expert in User Experience Design
•  Expert in Design and Front-End Development
•  Expert in Responsive Design and Development
•  Search Engine Optimization
•  WordPress development
•  Google Analytics & Monitoring
•  Google AdWords & Monitoring
•  Attention to design detail, including photography and typography
•  Ability to demonstrate creative vision throughout the entire creative process

Preferred Qualifications

•  Working knowledge of ExpressionEngine development
•  Ability to contribute to additional creative channels: print, copy, social, video
•  Ability to help with scheduling web, social, and content strategy

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