CASE STUDY: Horizon West Happenings



Learn how Alarie Design helped Horizon West Happenings, a community-driven resource and directory, refresh their brand identity and create a modern website that aligned with their mission to bring the best of the Horizon West to their viewers, all under a quick launch deadline.


Brand Identity




Horizon West Happenings collaborates with local businesses, actively contributing to the community’s growth and development. They provide a central hub for all things Horizon West, offering residents a convenient resource to explore local products, services, and opportunities to connect. Their vision is to empower residents to become advocates for their community.


After previous attempts to utilize local businesses to revitalize their website, Horizon West Happenings came to us with their brief and requirements, and we were ready to seize this juicy opportunity.






Previous Logo:



We started this project by refreshing Horizon West Happenings’ brand identity to enhance its impact. While the community already recognizes Horizon West Happenings, our aim was to maintain its familiar identity while adding a touch of boldness and finesse to the design.

“The logo refinements bring a fresh and contemporary feel while cleverly preserving the brand’s established equity within our community—a careful balance of innovation with respect for the brand’s existing identity.


    Hamlin, Florida

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The Horizon West Happenings website was designed and developed from the ground up. The strategy aligns with Horizon West Happenings’ commitment to bringing the best of the community to its residents. The inviting and easily navigable site includes a business and job listing directory, connecting businesses and opportunities to residents and visitors.



Lastly, we did a complete overhaul of the Horizon West Happenings newsletter,
“The Scoop.” This included a new newsletter identity, as well as collaborating
with Horizon West Happenings on re-organizing the structure and content, all
while providing a fresh and updated design.



Horizon West Happenings’ refreshed brand identity, newly designed email, and completely revamped website launch have already sparked conversations within the community. Discover how to improve your customer connections by contacting us today!