CASE STUDY: City of Groveland



Groveland, the fastest-growing city in Lake County, underwent a major revitalization. Teaming up with Alarie Design, a new brand identity, tagline, and other visual opportunities to support Groveland’s future growth were developed.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity




Working closely with the City of Groveland, we reviewed research materials, focus group results, and even took a tour of the beautiful landscape. Groveland was known for its involvement in the citrus industry, luscious land, and beautiful Floridian lakes. The nature of Groveland, as well as the residents’ input, was taken into careful consideration when developing the new brand. We represented the strong greenery with a large leafy G and represented growth and the changes to come with rippling water.


After thorough reviews and input, we came up with a tagline that was a natural choice. The City of Groveland was then known as the City with Natural Charm.

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Previous Logo

We showcased the new logo on mockups of pole banners, flags, apparel, billboards, and more, so the city could get a real feel of how the identity would look in the wild.

Following Groveland’s new brand launch, they celebrated their centennial. For this monumental occasion we created a special identity to showcase the new brand and celebrate 100 years.



Groveland’s rebranding was a natural success. Contact us today to learn how we can help your brand grow!