Bringing Identities to Life

by alariedesign

They say first impressions are everything. What brand asset is considered a key component of first impressions? That’s right, your logo. And a great way to implement a better first impression is with animation. There is a multitude of reasons why bringing brand identities to life through animation will benefit your marketing efforts. 

Red Head Ale Spot for RiverGrille
Logo Animation for Windermere Pool Services

Animated logos can heighten brand awareness by quickly telling the story of your brand, showcasing the professionalism of your company, and by evoking emotion. An effective animated logo can influence excitement, build intrigue, and lead your audience into what your brand is all about. Not only can your animated logo build a connection between your audience and your brand, but it can help solidify your marketing efforts by capturing intrigue during that first impression.

Logo animation for Crossfit Iron Shamrock

One might think an animated logo can be used only on videos, but there are many more marketing channels available to showcase your living brand. The major social network platforms Facebook and Instagram can be the perfect spots. Facebook profile images can be fluid, social posts allow animation, and there is the perfect opportunity to stop a potential client from swiping up and down through images on Instagram by hitting them with your brand. Animated logos can also find homes as bumpers for promotional videos, heroes on your company website, and even in your digital presentations.

Social Media Spot for Live2Row Studios

Don’t stay static. Contact us today to breathe life into your brand through logo animation. 


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