CASE STUDY: Blue Jasper Capital



Learn how Alarie Design helped Blue Jasper Capital, a Financial Advisory start-up, develop a strong brand identity and create a modern website that aligned with their mission to help clients with their financial needs.


Brand Strategy

Brand Identity





Blue Jasper Capital came to us with a vision to build a brand and digital presence that would help them stand out in a competitive market. They needed a unique identity that would reflect their values and mission to help people with their finances. Our mission was to create a brand strategy, design a new logo, and develop a website that would showcase their services and help them attract clients.







Blue Jasper Capital was a start-up that aimed to assist people with their finances. We integrated their unique name story into their branding strategy. To gain insight into their values and objectives, we conducted a strategy workshop and formulated a tagline that captured their mission.

BlueJasper Laptop
screencapture bluejaspercapital 2023 04 06 09 28 17
Blue Jasper Phone
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We designed a modern and user-friendly website that highlighted Blue Jasper Capital’s services. With the user in mind, we ensured the website had a seamless and intuitive user experience. As a result, Blue Jasper Capital now has a strong digital presence that attracts new clients and grows their business.



To further support Blue Jasper’s marketing effort, we also created brand collateral materials such as stationery, business cards, email signatures, and social media graphics.

Blue Jasper Capital’s new brand identity and website helped them establish a strong digital presence, which resulted in increased visibility and credibility in the market. Learn how to make your brand soar by contacting us today.