Overcoming Call Reluctance To Help Grow Your Business

Posted by Joey Alarie


  My morning routine has been fairly consistent over the past few months, where before I do any prospecting to find new potential clients to work with, I will spend some time reading articles in order to become more well-rounded in my business development role. One of the main companies I read articles from is HubSpot, they have great content and you should definitely check out their posts. The article I was reading was about leaving voicemails and the writer, Jeff Hoffman, was speaking on how any given day he could have hundreds of emails in his inbox, but he rarely has over 10 voicemails. Essentially saying that your odds are a lot better of reaching a potential client if you are leaving voicemails instead of emails.

  This one simple idea shed a very bright light on the way I have gone about reaching out to new prospective clients. You see, I have had this false sense of confidence thinking I have been doing a good job in my role because I was connecting with people on LinkedIn and reaching out via email. The result being, getting a somewhat vague response (if I was lucky) and putting all that in the good deed column. When in reality there was a much bigger issue at hand, and the simple truth was that I was scared to get on the phone. I had a very bad case of call reluctance and a deep fear of calling prospective clients. The way I spun it in my head was that inbound marketing is the future and that there is no need to physically pick up the phone and call prospective clients anymore. However, the reality is that cold calling may be a dying sales tactic, but you still have to pick up the phone.


  Some of the tips that helped me to get over the fear of getting on the phone are:

  • Accepting that I was afraid, acknowledging the fear and moving on.
  • Taking the approach that I am not trying to make a sale or get a new client on the first call. This really helped take off the pressure of the rejection that comes with selling, by not feeling as if I am trying to sell someone, but just see if they would be interested in learning more about our service. The result was that my calls went smoother and I wasn’t bumbling my words because of how nervous I was.
  • Just like investing, you have to be in this for the long haul- trying to make a quick buck will not serve you or your company in the best way possible, but building a business relationship that can last for years to come will be beneficial for all parties involved.


  I want to thank HubSpot for the great content they post and inspiring me to stop being so one dimensional in my prospecting techniques. If you found this article useful or somewhat relatable, please let me know. My email is joey@alariedesign.com, and if you ever want to talk football or share insightful tips on how you get over call reluctance shoot me an email… Or better yet, give me a call at 407-656-8879.