Making Sure Your Online Content Is Easy To Share

Posted by Shaun Thompson

After publishing your latest blog post or news story on your website, it’s easy to set your expectations high and have dreams of it going viral. It’s an exciting thought! You’ve put the time and effort into putting something meaningful together so it’s only natural that you want the world to see it. And even though the chances of it being seen by millions of people are pretty slim, it’s still important to make sure that your core audience sees it and has the easy ability to share it with their followers and friends if they choose. This is why it’s extremely important to place social media share button on all of your pages.

Adding Your Own Social Media Buttons

  Placing social media share buttons on your site can be fairly simple, it’s just a matter of placing them to get the most impact. We recommend putting share buttons at the top of your page as well as the bottom. This covers the two most common cases where your visitors would like to share–after seeing the headline, and after reading the article–without being overwhelming.

  There are services like AddThis that offer a simple solution for adding share buttons to your site, but each social media site offers a button plugin so you can pick and choose which ones you’d like to include. Here are the basics to get you started:

Social Media Button Examples

  Below are a few examples of the social media share buttons that we’ve placed for a few of our clients on their websites. You’ll notice that the share buttons are grouped together to make it easier for site visitors to access all at once.

  The screenshot above shows how we handled the social media share button on the West Orange Chamber of Commerce‘s homepage, and below shows the the Share widget we created for their news and blog pages.

  Below is a screenshot of the share buttons on the Surfer Dudes homepage. They’re placed near a heading and have high contrast with their background, making them easy to notice and use.

  Finally, here are the social share buttons on our own blog, placed at the bottom of the article in addition to up top in the sidebar. Positioning the buttons above the comments help by making a complete area for readers to take action and react to or share the article after reading.

Need More Help?

  Do you need more help getting your social strategy and presence on track? Get in touch, we’d love to help!