Don’t Wait, Be Thankful

Posted by Joe Alarie


  I love this time of year! The mornings are crisp. The sunsets are more vivid. We get a chance to reflect on our year, and plan for the year ahead. As we enter into the Holidays November and December for me has always been about goals and family. One of the things I hear a lot during this time of year from people is a hesitancy, we tend to want to put things on hold until after the holidays. Don’t do it! For me, some of the most important life changing events have happened during these grateful and thankful months.

  Nearly 30 years ago, I got my first full time job as a professional designer in mid December. Having been on the hunt for longer than I was anticipating, and starting to feel a bit iffy about the the whole thing, I saw an ad in The Atlanta Journal. Remember there was no internet back then, I know hard to imagine right?. This ad scared the hell out of me. It stated that the employer wanted the tightest marker comp artist in town. I had done more than a few marker comps in school and had just finished a freelance ad for CNN which of course the comps were all marker, yet in my mind just 5 and half months out of school, there was no way I was the tightest or the best in all of Atlanta.

  I remember discussing the help wanted ad with my sister Linda on the phone, and how I thought that maybe I would just wait until after the Holidays. And what she said to me shocked me but also moved me quickly. Linda said in a very bold tone “What? What are you? A man or a mouse? Go get that job! I was floored as her questions pierced me and reset my focus at the same time. I called, got an interview, and got the job! Started right after Christmas! I could not have been more happy and thankful, as that job was the start of my chosen path. More on that another time.


  I say if you are planning to make some things happen now is the time to move. Don’t wait, don’t talk yourself out of it. Things do seem to slow down a bit and that is the perfect time to get some important end of the year objectives or next year projects started. Heck it maybe time to hire a well seasoned, close knit design agency (wink). Whatever it is don’t fall prey to your self talk of waiting.

  Have a thankful and grateful season, and thank you Linda!