Case Study: West Orange Chamber of Commerce

Posted by Alarie Design

Alarie Design Associates and The West Orange Chamber of Commerce have worked together for years helping to spotlight not only Winter Garden, but all of West Orange County, Florida.

Print Design

  The Discover publication is an annual directory that features the communities and local businesses located in West Orange County, FL. Alarie Design has had a hand in the book for over ten years. Below are several of the covers of the directory and a few other samples of print work for West Orange Chamber.








Website Design

  Alarie Design continues to update and redesign the West Orange Chamber website as their needs grow and priorities update. Below is the current homepage redesigned to highlight upcoming Chamber events as well as bring in a major call-to-action for prospective new members. We also included a highlighted section for a prominent Chamber update from the blog.


  In addition to the homepage redesign, we completely redesigned the Facilitating Opportunity section of the site where members leave comments and testimonials about other Chamber members. By adding filters and a sorting feature, it is a lot easier to navigate the page.