Case Study: Alligator Adventure

Posted by Alarie Design

Alligator Adventure is a zoological attraction located in South Myrtle Beach, SC. They are also one of Alarie Design’s oldest clients. Over the years we have created scores of billboards, print advertising, brochure design, websites and video features.


  It’s difficult to encapsulate over 15 years of ongoing client work on a single case study. Alligator Adventure’s attendance fluctuates greatly by season. We’ve grown in to a schedule of reworking a theme for Alligator Adventure annually, introducing new attractions along the way. We feel that we always attack this work with a sense of enthusiasm and creative enjoyment. After all, who wouldn’t want to work with all of these amazing animals!

Logo Design

  The Alligator Adventure logo was redesigned by Alarie Design. We added copy, distressed the overall look, reworked the illustration and color. Working hard to keep the logo’s brand equity while improving the look.

Alligator Adventure Logo

Website Design

  With the most recent version of the Alligator Adventure website we had the goal of presenting a large amount of new photography in the most compelling way possible. This lead to a decision to feature the animal sections as full screen slideshows. Also important was making sure that Alligator Adventure staff had the ability to quickly update all galleries, written content and a new video feature. We provided a full featured Content Management Solution (CMS) that allowed staff to effortlessly make their updates.


Annual Brochure Design

  The Alligator Adventure brochure is a full color trifold that then opens up into a poster size spread. This allows maximum creative impact to highlight the stunning array of creatures in the park!




Outdoor Advertising

  Alligator Adventure’s outdoor allows Alarie Design’s experience to shine, making huge impact using extensions and powerful imtgcaption

Print Advertising

  Every season Alligator Adventure places print ads in many major tourism publications throughout Myrtle Beach. We work hard to deliver fresh and exciting content to appeal to fans and new visitors alike.


  Alarie Design directs, casts, shoots and edits television ads for Alligator Adventure that appear on local tv and internet spots.