And Away We Row

Live2Row Studios is a rowing studio based in Central Florida. Their focus is on group classes with workouts customized to the individual. They utilize Concept2 Indoor Rowers, which is used from collegiate rowing programs up to the elite US Olympic Rowing Team. Live2Row came to us for a brand overhaul, website, marketing collateral, and interior graphics. We delivered the full rowing package, starting with an all-new identity as seen below.

For the new Live2Row website, we created a desktop and mobile friendly experience that seamlessly integrates with their Gym Management Software. Besides the improved design and functionality of the site, our shared goal is lead generation utilizing their FREE 2 week trial period at the studio.

Apart from the digital aspects of the project, we created all new stationery and collateral pieces for advertising the studio and their 2 Week Free offer.
Lastly, we went BIG with large format graphics for the new rowing space. We selected wall paint, measured, and designed graphics to fit perfectly in the rowing studio to really bring life to the action.

Now is the time to refresh your brand!

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