All-Natural Branding!

Groveland, the fastest growing city in Lake County, has some major revitalization plans on the horizon and will be a city to keep your eye on as one of the next hot spots for businesses and residents to call home. Part of this revitalization plan was a rebranding effort to attract new prospective businesses and people to this beautiful location. 

City of Groveland before and after logos. City of Groveland Established 1922 and Groveland Florida City with Natural Charm.

Working closely with the City of Groveland, we reviewed research materials, focus group results, and even took a tour of the beautiful landscape. Groveland is known for its involvement in the citrus industry, luscious land, and beautiful Floridian lakes. The nature of Groveland, as well as the resident’s input, was taken into careful consideration when developing the new brand. We represented the strong greenery with a large leafy G and represented growth and the changes to come with the rippling water.

After thorough reviews and input, we came to a tagline that was a natural choice. The City of Groveland is now known as the City with Natural Charm. 

Teal flag featuring the new City of Groveland logo

We showcased the new logo on mockups of pole banners, flags, apparel, billboards and more so the city could get a real feel of how the identity will look in the wild.

We’re very proud of how this rebranding effort turned out, and we also built a great relationship with the City of Groveland during the process. To learn more about the City of Groveland, visit

Are you looking to rebrand your business or municipality? Then what are you waiting for?

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